Smoking – 5 Ways it Affects Your Life Insurance Policy

Man-smoking-a-cigaretteIf you are a smoker, you should compare life insurance quotes. These are the 5 ways smoking affects your life insurance policy:

1)      Smoking is considered a chronic disease. Life insurance agencies view smoking more than just a simple harmful habit. They consider it a chronic disease with temporary or permanent effects.  As a result, you will have to pay more. Insurance companies do not forget to ask any of their potential clients if they smoke or not.

2)      Smoking produces physical harm to your organs. If you opt for a medical exam based underwriting, it is certain that you will have your lungs screened. Medical exams will reveal the impact of smoking and if the damage is too high, the companies will either refuse you or again, you will be charged extra.

3)      Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer.  Every year millions of people die due to lung cancer. The mortality rate amongst smokers is alarmingly high. Companies are aware of that and treat any active smoker with skepticism. They will want to know if any applicant is at risk or developing cancer or not.

4)      If you smoker for a long time, it is unlikely to get coverage. Or at least, it is hard to qualify under standard policies.  A person that smokes for 2 years will have more chances to qualify than a person that smoker for 10 years. Prolonged exposure to harmful substances irreversible alters the internal organs.

5)      You will need to use quotes in order to track relatively affordable deals.  As a smoker, you must expect to pay more for life insurance than any non-smoker person. However, you can still get affordable deals if you use life insurance quotes.  Search for smoker life insurance quotes and compare the existing prices.

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