Online Life Insurance Quotes

Couple-Financial-Planning2The best way to find cheap rates for any type of life insurance policy is with a quote online. With a cheap life insurance quote, you can compare different companies, policies, death benefits, term periods and premiums to find the best life insurance for your financial needs.

Term Life Insurance

Term life policies are temporary and only cover the insured individual(s) on the policy for the duration of the term period, which can be as little as 3 months and as long as 30 years. Term life offers no cash value and, if you survive the term period, no death benefit payout is made to your beneficiaries. Because of the possibility of no payment being made and the company keeping your premiums, term life insurance is the most affordable form of protection when consumers compare quotes online.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance features a fixed premium that never increases and a fixed death benefit. Life insurance quotes will show that, compared to other types of policies, whole life is not as affordable as universal and term coverage, but this is because whole life insurance offers benefits they do not.

Universal Life Insurance

When getting universal life insurance quotes online, remember that universal policies offer the option of paying a minimum and maximum premium. Rates are flexible and the more money you pay into the cash value, the faster it grows. Since the universal cash value is invested in riskier financial instruments like stocks and bonds, there is always a chance for losses; however, if the stock market performs well, universal life insurance policies can provide the greatest returns on investment and make significant contributions towards your retirement nest egg.

Furthermore, just like whole life, universal life allows you to loan yourself money and withdraw from the cash value reserve. Your death benefit will be adjusted according to the net balance.

With a cheap life insurance quote, you simply enter your zip code, pick a company/provider, answer a few questions about yourself (age, weight, height, gender, smoker vs. non-smoker, etc.), and you will instantly get price estimates. This makes it quick and easy to compare rates, policies, companies, and varying amounts of life insurance coverage.
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