No Medical Exam Life Insurance Quotes

With the increasing popularity of instant life insurance quotes online, there are companies making a fortune doing business this way. Technology has made all this possible. For the consumer, if you are buying small amounts of life insurance, $350,000 or less you may as well get your policy online. The rates are very competitive. The process is quite simple.

Home-Young-CouplesIf you are between age 18 and age 65 you can apply for life insurance no medical exam required online. All you need to do is go to one of the sites, get your quotes, decide on an amount and proceed from there.

You will be asked a few pointed medical questions. the entire process takes about 15 minutes and if you qualify you get approved instantly. You can even print out your policy online.

The policies offered with no medical exam are:

  • 10 year term
  • 15 year term
  • 20 year term
  • 30 year term

These policies are renewable up until age 95 without you having to prove all over again that you are in good health. Applicants who want policies larger will need to do a medical. Assuming you are in good health but need to buy insurance fast, the easiest thing to do is to apply for both a traditional and a Simplified Issue policy.

You can get the simplified issue policy fast and then cancel it once the traditional (and cheaper) policy gets approved. Keep in mind that you cannot do this indiscriminately.  The insurance companies know when you apply and cancel life insurance.  Do this enough times and nobody is going to want to insure you.  But in a pinch this is a great tactic to get some coverage in place while you wait for the other carriers to do their underwriting.

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