Is It Possible To Get A Free Auto Insurance Quote Without Disclosing Your Personal Information?

People are skeptical to disclose their personal information online because of the alarming increase in the number of identity theft. Therefore, people are not revealing their personal information to strangers. Consumers who are planning to get free auto insurance quotes are compelled to provide their personal information. Some online companies may ask you to provide sensitive information, before giving the accurate quotes. But you may be elated to know that you can get a free auto insurance quote without disclosing your personal information.

Here are a few effective ways to get a free auto insurance quote without disclosing your personal information:

    1. If you’re trying to take out free auto insurance quote, then you can refuse to disclose your personal information. You can inform your agent that you’re not comfortable revealing your details. The proficient insurance agents can provide you a free car insurance quote.

    3. You can take out a general insurance quote, if you need to provide detail financial information for getting specific insurance quote. The general insurance quote may be based on consumers within your demographics or having same type of car. However, it may not be accurate as the insurance quote may also depend on the kind of premium you may end up paying.

    5. If you need to provide your financial information, then you can give cryptic information to the insurance agent to get a quote for car insurance. You can change your last name or alter the street address to avoid providing detail information.

    7. You can ask for a free auto insurance quote on the basis of particular zip code. Your car insurance premium may be determined on the basis of the zip codes. Try to explain the agent that this is the only personal information you want to disclose.

    9. You can ask your neighbor to provide information on auto insurance rates. Make sure your neighbor does not have speeding tickets or own a sports car. Therefore, it can help you get an approximate auto insurance quote.


So, you need to keep the above mentioned points in order to get a free insurance quote without disclosing your personal information.