3 Steps to Get a Cheap No Exam Life Insurance Quote!

Life insurance can save your family from financial hardship on top of the grief of losing a loved one. Life insurance rates can be surprisingly high, or conveniently low. Getting a no exam life insurance quote is quite easy, and here are three steps to getting one:

Concluding their first vehicle purchase1. Select term life insurance unless you have a compelling reason to choose a whole life product.

Term life costs a fraction of the price of a comparable whole life policy. Term life insurance works like most other kinds of insurance. You pay your premiums for an agreed-on period of time. If you are alive at the end of the period,the insurance company keeps your money. Term life insurance makes sense if you do not need insurance coverage for your entire life. This makes it the cheapest form of life insurance.

2. Ignore the hype about quality or service from insurance companies you do not personally know.

Your treatment under a life insurance policy is required by state and federal law – and most life insurance contracts are nearly identical. In fact, all states in the United States have a state guaranty association which guarantees your benefits will be paid. Unless you are working with an agent you know and trust, you should typically go with a cheap life insurance premium instead of a pricier one with better PR. In most cases agents will not compare quotes from other companies.

3. Ask the company that provides your car and homeowner’s insurance how to get the cheapest life insurance.

Most insurance companies offer life insurance discounts for customers who already carry other policies with them. This gives you the double advantages of lower rates and already working with a company you trust. Instead of investing in a $500,000 policy, you could get a $250,000 policy with a double indemnity clause for accidental death. Since death by accident is the most common cause for adults of working age, this can save you money while sacrificing little security.

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